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impressionist style sunflower painting vector
  • Is there a patio?
    Yes there is! We have a beautiful front eating area as well as a back patio, themed after Dutch beer gardens!
  • Are dogs allowed on the patio?
    Yes! So be sure to bring them only on nice weather days!
  • Are there kids options?
    Yes! We have a section of the menu specifically for children.
  • Are there Vegan and Gluten Free Options?
    Yes! We do our upmost best to try and provide a safe space for foodies to enjoy our food. We have options to swap out gluten pannenkoeken for our gluten free versions. We also have our vegan options marked on our menus! And if you have any other allergies, let us know and we will do what we are able to in order for you to enjoy our food.
  • Is there parking close to the restaurant?
    Yes! So much! Not only is there parking right across the street and in front of the building, but there is also parking out back!
  • Are you wheelchair accessible?
    Yes we are!
  • Can you accommodate larger groups?
    Yes, however we do require that you call ahead for any group larger than eight (8) people. And if you make a reservation we kindly ask that you call ahead at least two hours prior so that we can prepare for your arrival, as well as to be sure that we will have the room for you.
  • Can you order breakfast all day?
    Yes, we encourage it! A pannenkoeken for dinner is an amazing way to end the day!
  • Are you locally owned?
    Yes we are! And very proud to be! We happily are part of shop small on the street and we try to support other small businesses around us when we can!
Impressionist Style Leaves, delft blue painting, vector leaning left
Blue Dutch Leaves Sketch leaning left
impressionist style blooming sunflower painting vector
Blue Dutch Leaves Sketch leaning left
impressionist style sunflower painting vector
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